2010 Breadline in NYC — Support the Unemployed

Please join the 99ers, other members of the unemployed, their friends, family and supporters, in recreating a 1930′s “breadline” on Saturday, November 20th. We need to bring home the fact that the unemployed have been jobless and without benefits for far too long – and are starving.

Saturday, November 20th!

Thanksgiving 2010:

No Feast for the Unemployed

We will be lining up in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, at 33 Liberty Street, in Manhattan, beginning at 11:30am. Please wear black or dark clothes. Hats, flat caps, scarves and shawls are fine, but no white or bright colors. This is to be a somber event and we want to do our best to recreate the image from the Great Depression – because we believe this is the Great Depression II, not the Great Recession! Congress and the country have ignored us for too long. On the Saturday before the Thanksgiving holiday we will be invisible no more!