Circle of Brothers — Men’s Town Hall Meeting in Harlem

There is Power in Unity: Let’s address the issues of Community Empowerment Job & Business Development, Empowering Our Youth

Guest Speakers:

  • Lamar Thornton Founder & Chairman – New Breed Life Arts.
  • Chet Whye Executive Director, HARLEM4 Center for CHANGE.
  • Dedric Hammond aka Beloved Youth Advocate & Violence Reduction Specialist

When: Wednesday, December 8th, 6 pm – 9pm

Where: P.S. 175 – Cafeteria, 175 West 134th Street, (btw Malcolm X and Adam C. Powell Jr Blvds)

Sponsors: Co-sponsored by Circle of Brothers & Street Corner Resources

One Reply to “Circle of Brothers — Men’s Town Hall Meeting in Harlem”

  1. Eyebelievenmiracles

    The Black/Brown community (Globally) are in a state of emergency. Most Black/Brown leaders, however, are selfish and typically working with the very racist system that keeps the urban world down. Our children and elders are dying from preventable diseases, many of which are introduced into the community by “national and/or international organizations”. Until Black/Brown people are sick and tired, to the point of vomiting, of the system, and the sellouts, and the death and depression and despair, they will continue to bow their heads and acquiesce any sense of intellect, morality or warrior spirit to standup and shout: “I am a man” “I am a woman” “I am a human”. When you all are ready to get deep, let a brother know, until then I remain in the real struggle ! Brother J

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