Congressional Candidate Vincent Morgan Discusses Politics with Parents

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As September 14 Primary Election draws near candidates have started reaching out to their communities about what they have to offer and to create dialogue. Recently Vince Morgan, democratic candidate for the 15th district of new york, held a political group meeting to share his views on education and community developments. What made this a different political group meeting was that attendees were encouraged to bring their children. As the children played under the supervision of a professional sitter the parents started a conversation with Vince Morgan and his wife Shola.

Morgan explained his background as a high school GED grad who went onto the work on the Obama campaign. He felt his was the right candidate for a new and upcoming diverse community. After highlighting his real world experience Morgan outlined community areas he wanted to make a difference in.

  • Education. Morgan believes we should build a community around education reform. Individual schools needs their specific needs addressed. One school might need more healthy breakfasts, another needs proper heating and ventilation while another needs more qualifies teachers and proper textbooks.
  • Business Development. A question was raises. Will we lose the culture and community of Harlem in 20 years? We need a better standard for business development of Harlem. Instead of building a new Whole Foods in Harlem perhaps a better fit would be working with local green markets. Research needs to be done to determine what’s right for the community.
  • Community Connections. As Harlem and the surrounding areas grow a situation between the have’s and the have not’s is forming. One side of the street has million dollar homes while the other side has projects. A candidate needs to understand and then want to find ways to bridge this gap.

As I listened to the discussion flowing around me, I wondered about the other parents not attending this meeting or any of the others. Other parents who won’t get a chance to meet with the candidates and learn their plans for the community.

As a voting community African Americans are lagging behind. While we have a high voter registration the actual numbers of voter participation is the lowest in NYC.   So this primary, whether you support Morgan or another candidate, please make sure to come out and vote. As a parent you are the voice for your children and your community.


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