African American Short Films on CBS — This Saturday

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CBS will be airing three African American Short Films this weekend. Be sure to set your DVR if you’re not going to be home

Date: 5/9/2010
Time: 1:30pm,
Station: WCBS-TV CBS

Ties That Bind

This short film is inspired by the true story of Sandra Daniels, who used abuse to motivate her success. Daniels started her journey to freedom at sixteen when she was forced to live in her car. The film looks at how child abuse plagues the adult, threatening their happiness until they are willing to cut “The Ties That Bind.” Starring Marla Gibbs as Delores the abusive mother and Karen Malina White, as the daughter, this is a short film is about courage.

The film asks, “How does one break free from a painful past and move forward to a fulfilling life?” Madison James, our lead, finds an answer we can all live with.

Written and directed by Angelina Gibbs, daughter of Marla Gibbs and stars her good friend, actress Karen Malina-White.


By the age of sixteen, in the early 1970’s, James still couldn’t drive or legally take a drink of alcohol. His home life wasn’t typical. There were no family holidays, but there were regular meals. There were no male role models, but there was a consistent and strong maternal figure. There were no rotating ‘uncles’ who visited the house, but there were no friendly neighbors knocking on the door either. There was no violence, but hugs and kisses were only doled out between double shifts.

He lived with his mother and his older, sick brother. He slept on the couch as an adolescent since there was no bedroom for him. He didn’t like it at home, so he stayed in the streets, he played in the streets, he learned in the streets. His mother did her best but he wanted better. So he found a mentor. Or more accurately, a mentor found him and made him a millionaire by the time he was sixteen. He didn’t do, or sell, drugs. He didn’t do, or sell, women. He didn’t do, or drink, any alcohol. He was young and had a future and he knew it. He learned, that like Paul Newman and Tom Cruise in their infamous pool hustling performances, he had a gift for shooting pool and dice. He used and cultivated his gift to become the youngest and most successful pool player and dice gambler in the 70’s, in Detroit. He bought his momma a house, he moved off the couch, he got a new wardrobe and he made a few enemies.

Weigh Money tells the 5 year journey of young James as he goes from naïve adolescent to successful gambler on the streets of Detroit, Michigan. We meet his mentor, P Bump, who helps him rise to the status of the youngest and most successful gambler in Detroit’s history. This is his 5 year inaugural journey where we glimpse at what shaped this young man and made him who was. His career spanned over 40 years and included regular power lunches with city officials, and trips to the penitentiary, as well southeast Asia for heroine pickups. But, as James would say, that’s another story.

To view the trailer on YouTube, click here.


A third film, The Porter will also be shown. The story spans three generations of a family growing from struggle to freedom.

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