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Voters Anonymous is a Political Education and Research Organization who’s mission is to conduct voter education and registration activities at the grassroots level by targeting high school and college students. They also educate and inform citizens in general and voters in particular about issues and policies which disproportionately impact the inner city, urban centers and communities of “color” in particular. Their goal is to support the electoral campaigns of candidates who advance the aims, goals and objectives of Voters Anonymous notwithstanding political party affiliation.

In response to the shooting of Omar Edwards they have created the video below which discusses their Police Accountability petition and issued a statement (below video) regarding police accountability and the need for it to be changed from the Mayor to the people through the election process.

The fatal shooting last week of off duty police officer Omar Edwards in Harlem by another police officer in plain clothes, puts the perennial issue of racial profiling back on the front page of current events in New York City. The dead police officer was a black American and the officer that did the shooting was white.

Accordingly, protests, marches, and rallies, etc. are underway and other events and strategies are in the planning phase, including a call for an independent federal investigation.

As in the past, Mayor Bloomberg is resistant to a federal investigation and argues that the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is capable of performing an independent and credible investigation. On the contrary, political leaders such as Congressman Charles Rangel and Rev. Al Sharpton for example, support federal intervention.

While there are merits and demerits to both sides of the argument, the directors of Voters Anonymous Political Education and Research Organization advocate a different approach to addressing police accountability, moving forward.

Ebuni Philips, Executive Director of Voters Anonymous said, “Protests, marches, rallies and boycotts are useful after the fact, but we need a proactive agenda and strategy that will prevent these tragedies in the future, positively impact policing culture in the “minority” communities, and fashion a police accountability paradigm, to hold the police commission accountable to the citizens.”

“Therefore, we are calling for the popular election of the police commission to ensure that he or she is directly accountable to the people, in the future. We have launched a video on YouTube to promote the Police Accountability Initiative in the context of a Right to Petition campaign.”

“We are also conducting a bi-partisan voter education and registration campaign on our web site to help address issues of community political and economic empowerment. We invite the public to visit our web site to download a petition and get involved in the process and research underway.”

Please visit VotersAnonmous.org for more info and to download the petition.


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  1. JodiNo Gravatar says:

    Wow. This idea is so simple, I don’t know why Al Sharpton, or any other so called “Civil Rigths” leader did not come up with this decdes ago. Why just sit around hoping and praying that the insensitive NYPD and other similar police departments around the country don’t shoot yet another black or hispanic man, for no more than “fitting the discription.” Or reaching too suddenly for some electronic device that “looks” like a gun.

    “Protests, marches, rallies and boycotts are useful after the fact, but we need a proactive agenda and strategy that will prevent these tragedies in the future…” I hope this initiative drives home the point that waiting around like sitting ducks, with outdated reactive tactics is not serving our communities.


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