The High Priestess of Dark Alley

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Two sisters — one robbed of her sexuality, the other defined by it–do battle with their domineering mother over the men they love.

Set in present-day New Orleans, The High Priestess of Dark Alley is the story of three Creole women, Celeste Thibedeaux and her two grown daughters, Claire and Janee Charbonet. Trapped by the conventions of intra-racial divisions within the African-American community, the sisters are pitted against their mother regarding issues of color, class, sexuality and generational differences.

Intra-racial prejudice – light-skinned blacks versus dark-skinned blacks – has had little exploration on the theatrical stage. “As society finally begins to embrace the rainbow of colors encompassed in the African American community, it’s baffling that some within still cling to age old prejudices and myths that serve only to create division among us,” playwright/director Jackie Alexander said. “African Americans are conquering what was once unthinkable heights. I hope this play is a reminder that the biggest hindrance to that progress is often self-imposed.”

The High Priestess of Dark Alley stars Nicoye Banks, Michael Chenevet, Marcelle Gover, Zeb Hollins, III, Aura Vence, and Mari White. In addition to playwright/director Jackie Alexander, the creative team includes Jamie Durant (scenic design), Helen Simmons (costume design)) and Avan (lighting design and production stage management).

Dates: February 19, 2009 to March 22, 2009
Tickets: $15-$23
Location: Billie Holiday Theatre, Restoration Plaza, 1368 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY

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  1. KarlaNo Gravatar says:

    The play is brilliant and due to sold out performances has been extended. This is a must see for both young and old. Don’t miss out on seeing an amazing play that will pull you in from the moment the curtain goes up till the moment the curtain comes down. Trust me, due to my work schedule I had been awake for about 23 hours and traveled about 270 miles in order to make it to the Opening Night. I feared falling asleep during the play (yes it would have been extremely rude) however, it was not to be, I was totally caught up in the play, the acting is excellent, the storyline sucks you in and the hours fly by. It was well worth the trip.Loved It!!!!!!!!!!!

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