Harlem — Center of the Universe, Center of the AIDS Epidemic

| December 1, 2008 | 2 Comments

Facing AIDS - World AIDS day 2008

Anyone who knows me knows I love New York — especially Harlem.

In the past I’ve said that it’s the center of the universe. Think about it. New York is the center of commerce (is it still?), publishing, fashion, culture, food and all that is deemed important in American society.

Come uptown, the center of the city, add a little Harlem flavor and that which is already great becomes a little grander. From the way kids take off the rack clothing and create styles that can be seen on runways months later to the new singer or group literally praying that they win amateur night at the Apollo for the cachet that it brings.

Unfortunately, along with being the center of the universe, it appears as if Harlem is also the center of the AIDS epidemic in the Black and Hispanic community.

According to the East Harlem HIV Care Network:

  • East Harlem has the second highest cumulative AIDS cases in New York City
  • African American and Hispanic women account for 40% of all new HIV cases
  • Almost 50% of adults diagnosed with HIV are women
  • AIDS is the leading cause of death for women of color and is in the top 3 for the women between the ages of 35-44

Testing is the best way to prevent the disease from spreading. To find a testing site near you, visit The Black Aids Institute or Latino HIV Testing.

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  1. Get TogethaNo Gravatar says:

    And this is so sad cause I live right outside of East Harlem. For this part of the city to be the second most highly infected in New York City is staggering, I did a post on this and you can check it out on my lifestyle blog….Thanks!

  2. [...] we mentioned previously, Harlem is the center of the AIDS epidemic in the Black and Hispanic community. The Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) recently stated that [...]

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