Marathon Runners Want to Pass the Obama Baton On To You

| October 7, 2008 | 5 Comments

Seth Gaffney, a New York City marathoner and Clay Jones, a Chicago marathoner have teamed up to create the “Obama Baton“.

The “Obama Baton” is a simple blue baton that will be passed from runner to runner during the Chicago marathon on October 12th and the New York City marathon on November 2nd.

The baton represents their support for Barack Obama and is a symbol of his ability to inspire people into action.

Their FaceBook Group for NYC has the statement below written by Gaffney:

Barack Obama is on the last leg of his marathon, the Presidential race. The campaign he continues to run has relied on hope rather than fear to inspire the American people to come together to bring about change.

I, for one, have been so inspired.

So as I train for the New York City marathon, which takes place merely 2 days before the 2008 Presidential election, I am compelled to take some type of action.

Rather than make an individual statement of my support (like wearing a witty, politically charged t-shirt on race day), I wanted to create an experience for Barack supporters to share.

The idea is quite literally, and simply, a blue baton. On November 2nd, I will bring it to the starting line and pass it on to a fellow runner. He or she will pass it on to another. And so on for 26.2 miles. Until, the final person carries (or people carry) Obama Baton across the finish line as a symbol of how one man has inspired individuals to take collective action.

Whether you’re a runner or just want to show your support visit their website by clicking here.

If you’re in Harlem, you can catch the marathon as the runners come over the 135th Street Bridge and run down Fifth Avenue into Central Park. To find out more about the NYC Marathon, click here.

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  1. plaidlemurNo Gravatar says:

    Great Idea! I hope it gets some airtime, it would send a nice signal to the viewers.

  2. Hey, thanks for the props!

    We hope to get some airtime for the idea as well. It’s all about bringing people together, rather than dividing them up. Frankly, I couldn’t care less about someone claiming they “reach across the aisle”… I want someone to lead this country that really _does_ seek to drive us in the right direction.

  3. Seth GaffneyNo Gravatar says:

    Leading up to the marathon, I’ll be training around NYC. I do the Central Park loop pretty often, so for any runners coming here follow OB on Twitter ( for updates. As Clay said, thank you for the support. And go Obama!

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  5. [...] Also, don’t forget to look for the Obama Baton. [...]

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