Last Days of Left Eye

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Last summer the team got the opportunity to attend the premier of the VH1 documentary The Last Days of Left Eye at the Urbanworld VIBE Film Festival at the Magic Johnson Theatre in Harlem.

The documentary, directed by Lauren Lazin, chronicles the last 27 days of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ life before her tragic death in a car crash. The audience is given a bird’s eye view of Left Eye’s journey during her spiritual retreat in village of La Ceiba in San Pedro, Honduras.

The film vividly records the last few days of in the life of “Left Eye” who was “the Hip Hop voice of TLC, the best-selling female R&B group of all time”. The documentary gives it’s audience the inside story on who the real “Left Eye” was — a real women with a history of heart break and tragedy but also a history of success. The film records Lisa talking honestly to the camera about her family history, her problems with alcohol abuse, her love life and her career. For the first time Lisa openly talks about her troubled relationship with ex-boyfriend Andrea Bison and about the fire at his mansion, about her relationship with TLC’s other members (TBoz and Chili) and about the music industry.

In the film “Left Eye” speaks bluntly and honestly about her life and lets the viewer really see her for herself. Lisa appears on the camera bare faced with no makeup and with natural hair–the glamour and glitz of the music industry awards shows and video shoots are nowhere to be found. The camera follows Lisa around 24 hours a day documenting her every move and she unabashedly faces the camera whether she’s bathing, exercising or interacting with her family or others at the retreat. For those who were fans of TLC and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes you will definitely want to see this incredibly intimate and revealing documentary.

VH1’s “Last Days of Left Eye” Premieres
Saturday, May 19 at 9pm.

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